British Holidaymakers Not Hanging Around for Olympics

Millions of Britons will leave the London Olympics behind in favour of holidaying abroad, research has revealed. A European cottage for rent may therefore benefit more from the event than was previously expected.

In spite of a combined effort by the government and the various sponsors of the Games, many British people are hoping to escape the hype of the Olympics by heading for the airport.

The “staycation” campaign set up by VisitEngland caused controversy among tour operators earlier in the year, but despite featuring famous faces such as Julie Walters and Stephen Fry, it does not seem to have deterred overseas travel.

In fact, tour operators and travel agents have stated that between July 27th and August 12th, crowds of British people will jet off abroad.

Diane Bouzebiba, managing director of Amadeus – a provider of travel technology – said: “While the Olympics undoubtedly presents a very exciting prospect for a lot of people, our survey shows that there are also plenty who are looking to get away.”

The reasons for this trend, the Telegraph reported, could include the recent bad weather in Britain, the current strength of the British pound in comparison to the euro, and worries that hotels will be charging very high fees to visitors.

The most popular potential holiday locations seem to be Spain and Greece.