Brits Spend Shocking Amount on Souvenirs

British holidaymakers shell out £1.2 billion every year on souvenirs, a study has found.

It seems that Brits spend so much on memorabilia, the money they could save by holidaying closer to home in a cottage to rent could be just what they need to offset their frivolous expenditure.

It’s a wonder holidaymakers from London have enough space in their luggage to bring home all the impulse purchases they make, with each traveller spending £30 on souvenirs. This is £4 higher than the national average of £26 per person.

The study, which was carried out by TravelSupermarket, reveals that Scottish tourists were slightly more controlled than the Londoners, only allowing themselves £29 each to flit away on local tipples, toys, magnets and the like, the Daily Mail reported.

When it comes to buying things we don’t need, the best behaved Brits were from Yorkshire and the Humber. These savvy holidaymakers only spend £21 each on souvenirs.

The total of £1.2 billion spent every year on holiday memorabilia is a shockingly large amount, especially considering many holidaymakers have no use for their purchases on their return home.

While TravelSupermarket’s travel expert Bob Atkinson recognises that it is nice to return from your holiday bearing gifts or memory-joggers, he urges holidaymakers to consider opting for locally-produced items that will benefit the community which you have visited.

“It’s easy to get carried away whilst on holiday and spend money on pricey souvenirs,” Mr Atkinson said. “[B]ut it really is worth thinking about whether you, or the loved one you’re buying for, will have use for it at home.”