UK Holiday Better for the Body

Holidaymakers visiting the Med pile on the pounds, while those holidaying in the UK get off lightly.

Cyprus’ offerings of kebab and chips aplenty could be to blame for the 3.3lb weight-gain experienced by the typical British adult visiting the popular island. Turkey’s tempting fare is not much better, nudging holidaymakers’ bathroom scales up by 3lbs.

Portugal was third on the list of waistline enhancers, causing the average tourist to pile on 2.9lb over the course of a ten-day break. To escape the excessive baggage, holidaymakers could opt for a country cottage rental in the UK, as the survey by Fly Thomas Cook revealed those holidaying more locally will only put on half a pound, on average.

The survey, which questioned 350 Brits, revealed that all-you-can-eat hotel buffets are the main offenders where crimes against the waistline are concerned: holidaymakers struggle to resist the temptation to overeat. Therefore, self-catering trips could well be the way forward for those not wishing to return noticeably larger than when they left home.

Surprisingly, the famously huge portions in the US didn’t earn it a place in the top three – although, in fourth place it wasn’t too far away. Perhaps the biggest revelation was that one in five of those questioned said they lost weight while on holiday, with 74 per cent citing more exercise than usual as their body mass benefactor.