How Best to Decorate Your Holiday Home

If you have just bought a new rental property, or you simply want to redecorate your existing rental cottages, you may be wondering how best to decorate. You need to provide an atheistically pleasing house for your guests, without spending a fortune on household items.

It is important to remember that guests have decided to stay in your property instead of a hotel – so little touches will make all the difference.

The colour scheme will be the basis of each of your rooms. A practical colour scheme would be a neutral backdrop with an accent of colour for each room. This way it gives a light and airy feel and accessories can make it look cosy. Cushions and throws are a great idea for the living room to ensure no-one feels the cold.

You could choose themes for each of your rooms, such as nautical if your rental home is by the sea or a vintage theme for maximum style. The key is to follow the theme without going overboard – remember less is more! As long as it provides a homely feel, your guests are sure enjoy it.

As you are renting your property you need to make certain all fixtures and fittings are flame retardant and comply with all regulations. It is imperative that you also install a smoke alarm on each floor of the property.

Don’t forget the small homely touches that will make any guest feel at home, such as flowers on arrival. So get the paint brushes out and your creative hat on – happy redecorating!