Maldives Unveils First Part of Massive Regeneration Project

Holiday cottage rentals in the Maldives can be expected to benefit from an ambitious regeneration project taking place on the islands.

The local government has unveiled aspiring plans to build a £320 million floating golf course accessible only by an underwater tunnel. The course would be unlike any other in the world and would serve as a major tourist draw – and attractive proposition for those investing in holiday accommodation on the islands.

As well as an 18-hole golf course, the floating island will allow divers and even submarines to travel underneath, with plans even in place to allow guests to surface submarines in their living room, the Daily Mail reports.

The idea is part of a wider plan to provide a sustainable future for the Maldives. The average elevation of its 1,192 islands is just five feet, and there is growing concern that rising sea levels could significantly reduce the country’s landmass. These floating islands will look to address this, protecting tourism and wildlife in the region.

The latest design is to be engineered by floating architecture specialists Dutch Dockland. Chief executive officer Paul van de Camp told the newspaper: “We told the president of the Maldives we can transform you from climate refugees to climate innovators.

“And we have a way of building and sustaining this project that is environmentally friendly too. This is going to be an exclusively green development in a marine-protected area.”

Work on the golf course is set to start in 2013, with completion due two years later. Other plans being developed include a further 43 floating private islands in an archipelago configuration, each with their own private jetty and pool.