September Set to be a Big Holiday Month for Brits

Brits with a holiday cottage to rent may be thinking that the best the lettings market has to offer is behind them, now that autumn is on its way and the kids are back in school. However, new research suggests that the month of September is set to be a bumper one for stay-at-home holidaymakers.

Almost a quarter (23 per cent) of those responding to a survey from the Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals (CIPP) said September was their preferred month to go on holiday, with 17 per cent of those polled plumping for August. June and July were joint-third with 13.6 per cent of the vote each.

Interestingly for those owning British holiday property for rent, 34 per cent of those still planning a trip this year said they will be staying in the UK. Holiday homes near the coast will remain in demand, it seems, with 47 per cent of those polled aiming for a beach vacation, activity breaks were the second most popular choice, accounting for 21 per cent of the vote.

Those with holiday property in Europe should also benefit from the September rush, with Mr Lindsay Melvin, chief executive of the CIPP, noting that businesses in many parts of Europe shut down in late August, so holidaying in September often provides a better experience.

He went on: “It is also interesting to hear that almost half of Brits have chosen to remain in the country for their holiday. This supports the recent and popular trend of staycations, which may be a result of the on-going fragile state of the economy and many people not being able to afford a holiday abroad.

“This is further substantiated with the statistic that 16 per cent of workers having no holiday planned for this year.”