Benefits of Letting Agencies For Holiday Homes

Holiday cottage owners looking to rent out their property have two choices: either try and source tenants and take bookings themselves, or use the services of a letting agent. While the former is the cheaper option on the surface, the advantages of using a letting agent are many, and mean the service can quickly pay for itself.

What an agent does:

  • Gives the endorsement of a nationally-recognised brand
  • Promotes the property using online and offline channels
  • Answers booking enquiries
  • Provides a dedicated local manager
  • Takes bookings and payments
  • Takes care of paperwork relating to the booking
  • Deals with issues and complaints

The advantages:

Saves time

Operating a holiday let can be very time-consuming, especially if you need to secure many bookings each year to make the business financially viable. Many property owners who work full time simply do not have the free time needed to deal with tenant requests and enquiries, or process the paperwork associated with a let.

Chasing payments

In an ideal world every tenant would pay the full amount for the let immediately, but in reality, some prospective tenants need chasing for the next instalment. An agency takes the stress out of this situation for landlords.

Marketing expertise

A luxurious holiday let will not secure the bookings it needs without appropriate marketing, and an agency such as Wyndham Vacation Rentals (UK) will utilise both online and offline marketing techniques to reach as many potential customers as possible. Agencies also have substantial customer databases, meaning your property can be marketed directly at your target demographic.


It is inevitable that some guests will have cause to complain about their stay at your property. Sometimes this will be due to a genuine problem that has arisen; other times this will simply be down to dissatisfaction on the part of the tenant. Agents have the policies and experience in place to help you deal with these and achieve a fair resolution.

Legal issues

The legal requirements facing a landlord can be complex, and one innocent oversight on the part of the property owner can become a serious issue. Using a letting agent means having experts on hand to advise you on things such as electrical and gas appliance certificates, and booking terms and conditions.