Branding Your Holiday Home Business

Your brand as a holiday home operator is an important part of the relationship between you and your guests. Branding means creating a memorable name, logo and theme for your company’s communications – something that sums up your business and what customers can expect from it. These things should be used wherever your business has a presence – your website, your Facebook page, your stationery – to create a lasting association between your brand and what you do.

Many holiday home companies are fairly small operations – usually run by one or two people with a small portfolio of properties. However, just because you’re not running things on a grand scale, it doesn’t make it less important to create a good brand: in fact, in a crowded marketplace a strong brand can help to differentiate you from the competition.

If guests have enjoyed their stay in one of your properties, they will be more inclined to see if you have homes anywhere else the next time they plan a break. Linking your whole property portfolio together under one brand helps guests to find them more easily, as well as giving them a simple way to recommend you to their friends.

So how do you create a brand? Start by writing a statement that encompasses what your lettings offer to your customers. Do you aim to give great family holidays, luxury retreats or tranquil escapes to the country? Think about your customer base and what appeals to them most – this will be a crucial part of your brand message. You may also consider renaming your properties to make them sound more welcoming and attractive to visitors – a charming name like “The Hollies” sounds much more bookable than a street name and address!

Next, consider all the different ways you will communicate with guests, from brochures and your website to booking letters, directions and email. Try to include your brand on all of them – it doesn’t have to be huge, in many cases a small watermarked logo is simple and effective. This helps to create a consistent brand customers will recognise and trust.

Finally, don’t panic if you’re not an expert on branding or marketing in general – Wyndham Vacation Rentals (UK) has a wealth of expertise in marketing holiday homes, as well as ready-made brands that you can join. From direct mail to the internet, we have been getting great results for our customers for decades and can assist you in increasing bookings and getting your properties noticed in prominent places.

As the largest holiday home letting agency in Britain, the Wyndham Vacation Rentals (UK) offers a variety of household-name brands that you can be a part of, including cottages4u, Country Cottages and Dales Holiday Cottages. Choosing the right brand can be crucial to attracting the right customers, and if you are unsure which one would suit you best, don’t hesitate to get in touch and discuss it further with our staff.