How to Attract Bookings to Your Holiday Home

If you’re going to make the most of your holiday let, you can give it all the trimmings you want without getting the right amount of interest. That’s because without the correct approach to marketing, chances are that your cottage will be overlooked, however unique, attractive or low-priced it may be. As such, it’s important to consider a number of factors that could really boost the chances of your property being considered by would-be holidaymakers.

When trying to promote your property of choice, it all starts at square one: getting inside the head of someone looking to stay in self-catered accommodation. Think about what you’d want to see listed about your place, and how you want it to be communicated. Consider asking other people you know to browse adverts, among other things, and see what they feel could be added or edited.

Assessing and playing on the key selling points of your home is also a fantastic place to start, as these will separate your property from others on the market. Consider parking, communal rooms, amenities and local attractions or provisions. They all add up to make your house different, so use that to your advantage!

Also, taking photos is another major issue that must be addressed professionally and properly, and we provide a handy guide with little tips that can be used to improve your prospects to sell your property to the masses. Additionally, we also provide guidance for ways to promote your accommodation online, the importance of pricing strategies in getting new and repeat bookings, as well as effective marketing materials to use. Wyndham Vacation Rentals (UK) Ltd knows exactly what holidaymakers like – and we want to share our understanding with you, as well as what we continue to provide our many partners across the world.