How to Photograph Your Property

Few holidaymakers would book a hotel or holiday cottage without at least getting an idea of what their rooms look like, so taking professional-quality photographs of your property at its best is a crucial part of increasing your bookings. Good photos depict a property as a welcoming, clean and tidy place to spend a holiday, with large airy rooms and plenty of facilities.

It may sound obvious, but the first step to taking great photos of your holiday home is to give it the cleaning of its life! Everything needs to be as spotless as possible if it’s to appeal to prospective holidaymakers under the camera’s unforgiving eye. Take the time to polish every surface to a shine, scrub the floors thoroughly and put fresh sheets on the beds. This is also a great time to remove any clutter from the rooms – you want them to look as spacious as possible when taking photographs.

You don’t need a top-of-the-range camera to take quality photographs, but opt for a decent digital one that gives good clarity. Avoid flash photography if possible – it tends to make interiors look worse, so open up the curtains and do your photography on a clear sunny day. Your camera should have an ISO speed setting which is useful for taking internal photographs without them looking dingy – try all the speeds until you find what looks best.

When setting up a photograph, remember that you want it to look like a ‘blank canvas’ for the guest – so remove your car from the driveway and resist the temptation to appear in the shots yourself! For exterior shots, get at least one that shows the front of the property in its entirety, and for interior rooms stand as far back as possible from the focal point to get the maximum amount in (taking the shots from a neighbouring room might help).

You can also vary the types of shots you use: a landscape shot is perfect for wide rooms, while smaller and narrower spaces look better with a portrait shot from an angle. Try to include the furnishings as much as possible, without the space looking too cluttered. Composition and angle should be your watchwords with each photo. When it comes to choosing which photos to use, simply pick the ones you think look most ‘welcoming’ – put it to a vote with some friends if you can’t decide!

Wyndham Vacation Rentals (UK) is also able to give guidance on what will best sell your property; even just a casual flick through the organisation’s many partner cottages and apartments will highlight the clever ways that people have advertised their portfolios.