Important Issues to Consider When Letting Your Home

“When I started out, the whole self-catering business was new to me and so the help and advice was hugely important. The company were very supportive and all the information was simply laid out in an understandable and easy-to-use format.”
Jane Craigmyle, Grange Holiday Cottages, Wimborne, UK.

Safety regulations
Holidaymakers are protected by legislation that affects rental properties, and as the property’s owner it’s your responsibility to see that you comply with this legislation. Detailed Health & Safety regulations cover areas including swimming pools, upholstery, fire extinguishers, smoke alarms and gas and electric appliances, as well as less obvious matters like glass fittings and architectural features. There are also lots of common sense precautions you should take that aren’t necessarily covered by the law. These are important issues, but there’s no need for them to put you off letting because our experienced team or your local Regional Manager can give you up-to-date advice and easy-to-follow guidelines to help you ensure your property complies with all the rules and regulations.

Public liability insurance
It’s important to remember that holiday booking contracts are between the cottage owner and the holidaymaker, and that means you’re responsible for any accidents occurring on your property. In light of this, and as part of our properly legally protected, we do make sure that every owner is covered by their own public liability insurance as a precondition of registering with us.

Greener thinking
As a business that’s built on a passion for tourism, it’s only natural that we’re absolutely committed to protecting the environment and minimising our impact on it. We take this commitment very seriously, and that includes adopting green practices in our own offices as well as making it easier for our owners to reduce the impact of their properties wherever it’s practical and affordable. From recycling our printer cartridges, buying paper taken from renewable forests and using sustainable ‘heat exchanged’ energy in some of our offices, right initiatives, rest assured that we’re a green business that’s determined to go even greener.