Preparing for Holiday Lets

There’s so much to think about when you’re preparing your holiday home for guests, and the best advice is always to start work as early as possible. Preparing the property includes everything from buying and arranging the furnishings, to making sure everything is clean and tidy, to deciding what services and extras you want to provide your guests with – all the way down to putting a bottle of fresh milk in the fridge! As such, you should make a long checklist and work through it before you welcome your very first guest to the home (don’t worry though, it gets a lot easier after that!).

While your home is still unfurnished, take the opportunity to do a thorough deep clean. This means scrubbing every surface, waxing the floors, making the oven spotless and washing the windows. You want the property to be as clean as possible before you start bringing in new furniture, which only makes it trickier to clean again.

Your next consideration is furnishing the holiday home, and while there is no limit to your options when it comes to design, this really means providing enough chairs and table space for everyone to sit down at once. The style and type of furnishings you provide are completely up to you – some recommend using neutral, homogenous pieces throughout to allow guests to make the space their own, but others prefer to inject a bit of their own personality into the property to make it stand out. Whichever you decide, cost will always be a factor: make sure your budget, as well as your customers, can withstand your design choices! After all, personality is a good thing to inject, so long as you don’t sideline any potential clients with the décor.

Next, ensure the property is well-stocked with all the essentials guests will need. This includes toilet paper, kitchen roll, washing up liquid and dishcloths, soap and washing powder – and adding a few basic homeware items like spare light bulbs, batteries and a first aid kit is also advisable. Try to think of all the minor inconveniences that could affect someone’s holiday and make sure they’re covered. Check you have a complete set of cookware and crockery, along with safety equipment like oven gloves and a fire extinguisher close to the hobs. A good agency like Wyndham Vacation Rentals (UK) will always ensure you have a full list of what’s required.

Another thing to think about is the extras you can provide your guests with. A big pinboard or a box full of maps, leaflets for local tourist attractions and taxi numbers can be a great help to people who have just arrived. Tea and coffee-making facilities are always appreciated, and even more so if there is fresh milk in the fridge and the selection includes decaffeinated options. Wi-Fi is also rapidly becoming something holidaymakers expect from their accommodation, and it’s worth looking into how much it will cost you to offer – it can be a huge draw for guests, so it could effectively pay for itself.