Unusual Extras To Keep Your Bookings On The Up

If you want your holiday home to stand out to guests, making them not only book in the first place but come back again and again, you need to go the extra mile. Little extras can ensure guests enjoy their stay and could even allow you to get the best price for your property – a huge plus in a competitive market.

When making purchases for your holiday home remember that it may require some expenditure now, but if you pick wisely the new addition could quickly pay for itself in just a few bookings and continue generating income for you well into the future.

So what could you do to ensure your property makes a great impression and encourages guests to tell others about it on their return home? Here are a few ideas that could make your guests much happier to part with their cash.

In the kitchen

Including something that guests may not have at home in your holiday rental could create a real sense of luxury, and it needn’t be something expensive. An ice cream maker can provide great fun for families while a cocktail shaker set may go down well with adults. Leave out user manuals or a recipe book to help them, and perhaps even details of where to buy the ingredients.

In the garden

Why not get hold of some fun garden games such as giant Jenga? This would certainly make your property stand out from its competitors. Just make sure a photograph of the fun-filled garden is included in your holiday home’s promotional pictures.

Create a games room

A table football game or pool table is sure to stave off boredom on rainy days, while an arcade machine will be a hit with lovers of the old favourites such as Donkey Kong and Pac-Man. Consider buying such items second hand – you could save a fortune and it could last much longer than a brand new but cheaper option.

Add some ‘wow’

Look out for well-made replicas of classic furniture pieces or works of art to capture the attention of prospective guests.

Consider modern innovations that you could install in any part of your holiday home to get guests talking. Remote control blinds will provide James Bond-style chic while designer finishing touches to the décor could give guests the aspirational home from home they desire.

Still, remember to prioritise what’s suitable for the property itself, as well as its target audience. Expert agencies such as Wyndham Vacation Rentals (UK) will be able to assess exactly what is right for your property, maintaining its individuality and character.