Using The Internet To Promote Your Holiday Home

Carrying out an online search is by far the fastest and most fruitful way to find a wealth of information, and holidaymakers use this tool to its full advantage. They browse locations and properties to find a holiday home they like, but that’s not all; once a property has taken their fancy, they’ll use the advertising website to take an in-depth look at their potential destination, viewing photographs and details of amenities.

People often use Google Street View to get a feel for the area, and visit review sites such as TripAdvisor and holiday discussion forums to find out what kind of experience they can expect. Reevoo is fast becoming a better alternative to TripAdvisor; this cloud-based “social commerce” site is much more attractive to both owners and holidaymakers as it enables the former to join conversations about a let, meaning there’s a better chance to attract, engage and retain more customers.

Yet while the internet provides holidaymakers with the tools to scrutinise their potential holiday home without leaving the comfort of their own sofa, it’s important to remember what can you do as a property owner to ensure the information about your home takes people from the browsing stage to booking.

Whatever type of property you have, be it a friendly budget pad or a beautiful luxurious haven, its online presence should do everything possible to create and maintain an image that guests can fall in love with. Photographs should let guests see the dream – sun shining, a gorgeous location and a holiday home just waiting to give them a stay to remember. Descriptions should be accurate and thoroughly informative, while compelling their readers to get booking by highlighting the very best features.

With regard to review sites and online forums, the best thing you can do to ensure positive feedback is to do everything you can to give your guests a positive experience. Keep your property in good condition (perhaps let minor breakages slip through the net instead of deducting a few pounds from guests’ deposits), provide good quality, modern facilities and take other such steps to ensure visitors leave smiling.

At Wyndham Vacation Rentals (UK) Ltd, we employ the latest techniques to make sure your holiday home is visible to browsing holidaymakers. With us, your property will be impressively presented to attract maximum attention, and holidaymakers will enjoy the speed and simplicity of booking a stay there, thanks to our online booking capability.

One of the things used in this process is Endeca, a tool that allows organisations to deliver a personalised and consistent customer buying experience across all channels. It means that if a user approaches online, in-store, over mobile platforms or through social media, Endeca will deliver, analyse and target the right content to the right customer, driving business results.

Creating a successful online presence for your holiday home is no mean feat, but as experts in the industry, we know how to do just that. We sponsor keyword searches to help holidaymakers find us, we also use banner promotions to ensure we – and therefore your own property – are not overlooked.

Offline advertising is by no means redundant, but nowadays it often leads to an online search for more information. In order to get the very best coverage for our customers, Wyndham Vacation Rentals (UK) Ltd runs extensive offline advertising campaigns alongside our online presence, with examples including press adverting in major titles.