What Prospective Guests Look For in a Holiday Home

As the owner of a holiday home, and with the help of Wyndham Vacation Rentals (UK) Ltd, you will want to do everything you can to entice prospective guests to stay in your property.

So what can this partnership do to make sure your property is held in high regard by all who come across it? First of all, we can help you make your holiday home stand out, especially with the following tips.

Giving as much information as possible about the local area is vital. Details of local attractions, activities and history can help browsers become bookers. For example, people love to eat, so discussing local restaurant offerings could mean your property scores highly in potential customers’ minds. Location is a huge factor when it comes to choosing a place to spend a holiday, so a successful marketing campaign will really sell the area.

cottages4you, from Wyndham Vacation Rentals (UK) Ltd, provides a very useful tool called iVisit. This allows both owners and guests to list their favourite attractions close to the property. These are then displayed when a customer searches for your property and what’s more, they can then click through to a handy interactive map.

Providing all relevant and interesting information about the property itself will help your holiday home stand out. First, though, the property needs to have features worth boasting about! The most popular holiday homes are kitted out with good-quality furniture and enjoy a high standard of décor with a contemporary finish. The quality of soft furnishings and bedding is also important, as are kitchen provisions. When choosing white goods, opt for high-quality trusted brands if possible to give the right impression. Reading about these elements of the property, along with seeing pictures of the most impressive features, could help guests decide on your home over another.

To meet modern needs, free Wi-Fi access and an up-to-date entertainment system should be provided. Nowadays, this is often expected to be present in a holiday home, but it is worth mentioning that you have it, in case guests assume otherwise.

As being green is a high priority for many people, making your property as eco-friendly as possible could ensure it’s a success. That way, your marketing can impressively describe the measures you have taken to ensure your property pulls its weight.

In general, holiday home renters opt for this choice over a hotel because they desire more character, space and privacy, so these things should be highlighted. The kitchen facilities and any laundry amenities you offer will also be a bonus over the traditional hotel, as will a more homely feel, so emphasising these things in the description of your property will also be a good move.