Two’s Company, Three’s a Success!

Sherburn resident Joan Coombs is celebrating her continued success in the holiday letting industry by adding a third large property to her portfolio. Her latest ‘celebration house’ will have six bedrooms and feature an infinity swimming pool.

The proud owner of two successful holiday lets in the area, Joan first spotted a gap in the market 16 years ago. She decided to turn two cottages she owned (part of a converted granary) into holiday lets. Ten years later, with the properties in need of refurbishment, she decided it was time for them to undergo a makeover.

Conscious of the favourable location close to the North York Moors National Park, she turned the two initial properties into a single luxury holiday home, Westfield Granary (ref. ISG). With this large property on her hands,sleeping up to 14 people and aimed at larger groups looking for special celebrations and get-togethers, she decided to let it through self-catering specialist English Country Cottages.
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How to Choose a Holiday Letting Agent

Using a letting agency can be a great way to receive help and advice that you would not otherwise have access to. An agency like Wyndham Vacation Rentals (UK) can help you get to grips with the holiday rental industry, and can provide you with the platforms you need to bring your property to a wide audience, both on and offline.

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What Furnishings You Need

As a provider of self-catering accommodation, you will need to supply basic kitchen items such as matching crockery and cutlery, glasswear, chopping boards, saucepans and frying pans. A toaster and kettle are essential, while clothes drying facilities such as an airer should also be included. Provide guests with the necessary items to keep the property clean, such as a vacuum or broom, and don’t overlook items such as washing up liquid and toilet rolls.
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Accepting Out of Season – Is it Worth it?

Part of your business plan when operating a holiday home is finding out which periods of the year are the most profitable, and adjusting your marketing, cleaning and utilities costs around them. For most people, the holidays (including bank holiday weekends and the summer and Easter holidays) are the busiest times, as these are typically when families want to get away for a while and spend some time together. Regular local events that attract large numbers of tourists (for instance, the Edinburgh Festival Fringe) are also well worth paying attention to, as you may be able to increase your rates in line with demand.
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The Little Things Guests Will Love You For

The smallest touches can make all the difference, and nowhere is this truer than in the hospitality industry. Whether you’re inviting friends to stay in your own home or welcoming customers to a holiday property, your thought process should be the same: try to anticipate all the things your guest could want before they arrive, and be considerate of their individual needs. Taking good care of your customers like this is also great for business – there’s nothing like a few positive reviews or word-of-mouth recommendations to drum up bookings!
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Baby Proofing your Holiday Home

One thing you may need to prepare for as a holiday home owner is the prospect of having little ones around. While you can forego this by simply not allowing guests to bring children below a certain age, this will restrict your customer base – and if you’re the only holiday home in the area that can offer a baby-friendly property, you could potentially cash in on the very important market of new parents.
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