Holiday Home Lettings Tips Cottage

We’re successful at what we do because we are very careful to choose holiday properties we know offer the perfect mix of comfort and facilities, great location and competitive pricing. We are always keen to ensure you feel comfortable with your decision to rent and also to maximise your returns. With this in mind we’ve addressed some common questions about letting below:

How can I give the right first impression when I let my holiday property?

Our customer’s tell us the most important thing for them is a welcoming atmosphere on arrival. This can be as simple as making sure you offer clear directions and that the house is clean throughout. However, making sure your property’s décor and furnishings complement each other and the home’s character will help impress your guests, as will little touches like greeting them personally and leaving a modest welcome gift such as a bottle of wine.

What facilities do I need to offer if I choose to let my holiday home?

Because we work with a full range of properties, facilities on offer do vary. Your regional manager is best placed to advise how to tailor your offering to your guests, however, it’s worth bearing in mind that car parking, tidy gardens and good garden furniture are important to holidaymakers, while the provision of linen and towels are essential in cottages for rental.

Can I let my holiday house as part of a group of properties?

As well as individual holiday cottages, we also specialise in marketing small, select collections of properties. Most of these complexes come with additional amenities like swimming pools or all-weather leisure facilities alongside the usual commitment to quality. Our regional managers can give you more detailed information and practical advice about letting a group of properties.

Who is responsible for the maintenance of my holiday property?

One of the reasons for our continued success is that we’ve stuck to what we do best and truly perfected it; and what we do best is property marketing. If you are unable to look after your property and visitors yourself it’s important you choose the right person or agency to do so and your regional manager will be able to advise you on how to do this.

When I offer my holiday house to let how do I know I will get the best price?

Value for money is a huge factor in the popularity of our holidays so we are committed to making sure that we offer our customers a good deal without hidden extras. At the same time we think that rental charges should always fairly reflect the quality of the property that’s provided and continually optimise financial returns for our owners. Our pricing specialists will carefully calculate the charges most likely to maximise your rental income, taking a strategic, year-round approach that allows for seasonal peaks and troughs.

How can I let my cottage with peace of mind?

Honesty is always the policy as far as we’re concerned, and this extends to our relationships with customers and owners alike. We like to keep things simple and transparent, so we are committed to providing a clear and reliable plan for you on ‘how to let my property’ which details everything from the prices we plan to charge for your property through to the commission rate we’ll deduct from the weeks we sell. If you have any queries or worries at all, our regional managers and owner services are always on hand to help.

When it comes to bookings we offer extra peace of mind, because registering your property with us means cancellations and loss of income needn’t be a worry. If cancellations do happen, we’ll let you and your caretaker know in writing or by telephone if there’s less than seven days’ notice. If you’d like more in depth guides to letting your holiday property, we have put together a number of articles below to help you make the most of your holiday cottage.