Earn With Us

The cottage rental market in the UK has been boosted in recent years by the increasing number of people Fencechoosing to spend their vacations on home shores. These holidaymakers are all looking for something slightly different when they search for a cottage for rent so there’s a very wide ranging market out there.

Because of this, people who rent out their holiday homes have a great market to work within. With such a high demand for UK holiday cottages, renting out your property can be both lucrative and rewarding. But how much money can you actually earn from renting out your holiday property?

The amount of money you can earn from your cottage rental in the UK or Europe will depend largely on four factors:

  • Location
  • The number of people your property can comfortably sleep
  • The quality and comfort of your accommodation
  • Whether you want to keep any weeks in the home to use yourself

Of course, each of these will affect how much you can earn from your holiday home. It goes without saying that luxury cottage rentals will yield a higher level of income, but whether you are looking to offer a luxury cottage rental complete with all the mod-cons, or an attractive property with simple home comforts, we can help you reach the right market.

To get more information on this you can contact our helpline on 0845 268 1657. Ultimately, a meeting with your local regional manager will provide you with a much fuller picture of the income potential for all properties, from the more basic properties to the income potential of luxury cottages to rent. Your regional manager will also be able to use their expert knowledge to assist you personally in achieving the maximum return on your investment.

Your regional manager will have an in-depth knowledge of the area in which your property is location, and they will be best able to advise what sort of income you may expect. If you need an industry estimate of income for financial support or for planning permission, we can help with that too.